Suitable for any style of window and specially selected from sustainable forests around the world, wooden blinds bring a light summery feel to any room.

Fast becoming one of the most popular choices in the blind market, wooden blinds provide a look of elegance and luxury whilst controlling the amount of light entering your home and maintaining privacy. Wooden blinds can either be tilted, to control sun light or alternatively drawn to the top of the window frame should you wish to maximise the exposure of light into your home.

Wooden blinds are available in a wide range of colours, the most popular being the classic colour of pine. This style is perhaps the most classic due to its natural elegance, which can blend in with most décors whether it is within the most modern of homes or more traditional settings.

Within a more traditional home, dark wooden blinds are a very popular option. Although a versatile blind, dark wooden blinds are ideal when paired with a neutral coloured curtain or drape. This look can create a softer feel to your home.

There is now a wide range of different coloured wooden blinds available from a clean, crisp white, striking reds and purples through to a stylish black. What ever the look you desire, there is a colour to suit everyone.

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