Living room blinds are now becoming increasing more popular than curtains. With Stylerite blinds, you can get a free estimate and measurement to provide you with the perfect fit in your home. People choose blinds for privacy especially those where their living room is on the main road with many people passing.

The most popular blinds for the living room are Vertical blinds, Venetian blinds and wooden blinds. Any of these choices can help turn your room into the perfect sanctuary, allowing enough light into your rooms but providing the privacy you deserve.

To aid you in selecting the perfect living room blinds for your home we have listed some of the most popular styles below and covered some of the benefits. Should you have any questions regarding selecting the right blinds please get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help.


Venetian blinds

These come in a choice of materials; wood or aluminium. Choosing Venetian blinds with Stylerite blinds will allow you to control your lighting levels by adjusting the slats, creating the perfect mood in your living room whilst still maintaining your privacy. The selection of the classic blinds come in wide range of colours, sizes and effects, suiting your rooms furnishings. With the perfect fit system you will not need to drill or screw them to your frames.

Wooden blinds

If you are looking for Wooden blinds in Edinburgh, our wooden blinds will match any room to give an elegant look. This choice can offer you full lighting in your room by drawing up the blinds to the top of your window or you can tilt them for some privacy whist still allowing the light to come through. Stylerite blinds wooden blinds come in a range of colours. The most popular range is the pine, which creates a modern and traditional look that can compliment any décor and furnishings. Our range of wooden blinds are also available in many other colours allowing you to add your own unique style to your windows.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds give you maximum control of your lighting in your living room. These can give you the option of full lighting by drawing them to the side of your window; they also give you full control over the suns rays coming into to your room, whilst giving you full privacy. Stylerite blinds will offer you a wide range of colours, designs and materials to create the perfect feel in your living room. Most of the vertical blind range is machine washable so that you can keep them looking as good as when you first put them up.

Stylerite blinds can assist you with no obligation and provide you with expert service to help your transform your living room. With our wide range of blinds to suit your living room we can certainly give your home the feel and look it deserves.

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