At Stylerite blinds, we can offer you a whole range of amazing choices of blinds for your kitchen. You may want to replace your existing blinds or create a whole new look in your kitchen. At Stylerite blinds, we can certainly assist you in choosing the best blinds to suit your needs.

We offer a no obligation free estimation and measuring service, to ensure you have the correct size and fitting that you require. The main choices of styles of kitchen blinds in Edinburgh are:

In the kitchen you need blinds that are practical for the heat and moisture in the room. The blinds we offer are suitable for most kitchens, and we can advise you on your options.

Roller blinds:

You can enhance any room with the roller blind. When choosing one for your kitchen you need to consider where it is being placed in order to determine the right fabric. Ideally you should choose one that is easy to keep clean, a wipe down roller blind would be perfect, as grease can build up. You need to choose a fabric that is fire retardant. You should also choose your colour to match you colour scheme in the kitchen.

We can provide you with a wide range of colours to enhance your room. If you want a lighter look there are pastel colours you may like to choose or for more privacy go for the darker tones.


Vision blinds:

Stylerite blinds can give you a stylish look to your kitchen with vision blinds; these blinds can provide you with shade from the light when you need it in your kitchen whilst offering you the ability to enjoy your view from your window. If your sink is under your window you can enjoy the view whist you wash away in comfort without the blinding sun.

These blinds are made of two layers of translucent and opaque fabric. With the use of a control chain you are able to slide these strips past each other giving you the choice of the level of light you allow through.


Roman blinds:

Roman blinds are another choice that Stylerite blinds can offer you for your kitchen to create a touch of class. The collection we offer comes in a wide range of colours allowing you to provide your kitchen with the amount of light you require and matches your kitchen décor whatever your colour scheme.

Our Roman blinds come in many different fabrics but you need to consider where you are placing it due to the natural light of the kitchen. The Roman blind will create soft pleats when you raise the blind and most can be dry-cleaned.

So whatever type of kitchen blinds in Edinburgh you’re looking for, you’ll find them at Stylerite.

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